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Fishing Reports

Private Charter 7/27/2022

On the Big Time Adventures charter there was a lot of action every stop.  Too much action really, because a lot of it was small pollock.  But we got some nice ones too as well as a lot of big Haddock and Cusk.

Sunday Full Day Fishing 7/24/2022

We managed to get some nice Haddock with minimal Dogfish interference

Half Day Fishing 7/22/2022

Fishing was a blast on Friday!!

Marathon 7/21/2022

We are still fishing defensive areas where dogfish are less prevalent.  The Haddock fishing over all has been very productive.  However, on Thursday we did catch more of thr delicious Ocean Perch than our normal ratio.  We also returned more shorts than normal.

Marathon 7/14/2022

On the marathon trip: Haddock were sucking down clams like tourists gulping down oysters at the half shell raw bar!

Saturday Full Day Fishing 7/9/2022

On Saturday the Haddock were slamin the clams hard!

Marathon 7/7/2022

Nice big Haddock and Cusk were caught on thursday, although overall landings were down due to tide and dogfish issues.


Caught on jig today!! “Battle ensued on the surface and we captured it. He put his time in, many trips over the last few years always talking about how he wants to catch a porbeagle like the ones I showed him… and he earned it.” – Mate Matt

4th of July Half Day Fishing!

1 stop Haddock slamathon!  4th of July afternoon half day trip!

July 3, 2022 Half Day Trips!

4 hour long drift with big haddock coming up