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Why Choose Us

Enjoy a Unique Yankee Fishing Advantage

Yankee fishing excursions travel to the areas known as Stellwagen Bank and Jeffrey’s Ledge. With 60 years experience finding the best fishing spots, you are assured to have the best opportunity to catch fish and have fun doing it. Our fleet of vessels have been specially designed to provide the best platform for fishing that you are to see anywhere. Our captains have the most knowledge of the best fishing spots. We can say this simply because we have the most experience, after all we’re the originators of deep-sea party fishing from Gloucester.

Read deep sea fishing testimonials from our Yankee Fleet friends!

Located between two rich fishing grounds

Gloucester is located between Stellwagen Bank, to the south, and Jeffrey’s Ledge to the north. Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary is home to one of the world’s richest feeding grounds. Unlike areas such as Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod, Newburyport and other places who have access to only one of these areas, we can go to where we think is the best opportunity to bring home the day’s catch!

We have the most experience bringing customers to where the fish are!

For over 60 years, we have been exploring the local waters for the best fishing spots. The reason we can boast such employee loyalty is that we have fun! We do this because we love it. We know where the fish are, and we know how to make your experience FUN!

Our vessels were designed for party boat fishing

Our boats were designed to give our customers the best Deep Sea Fishing experience. We allow plenty of elbow room and deck space for everyone. Other operators have converted commercial boats for party trips, leaving little deck space and comfort. We have comfortable bathrooms, and inside cabin with booths and a snack shop that offers a wide variety of meals and snacks and beverages. We have recently re-powered our boats with high horsepower engines for fast and reliable service, to get you to the fishing grounds quickly.

Experience our Standards of Excellence

With some of the most experienced captains and crew in the business, you can be certain your trip will be safe, and also of the highest quality. Yankee Fleet’s highly acclaimed safety record is unmatched. Yankee upholds a rigid drug free environment.