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Fishing Reports, News, And More

Wednesday 7/10/2024

Fantastic 9 hour trip Wednesday this week!!

Friday Full Day Fishing 6/21/24

Some nice Haddock, Reds, Cusk, Whiting, and a few Pollock today.

Half day fishing 6/20/24

While it was a bit too hot on land yesterday, it was absolutely perfect just an hour away on the water! Fishing was fantastic as well with plenty of haddock, whiting and a few sculpin coming up.

Fishing updates! 5/25-6/2/24

5/25 – 6/2 Time to get caught up on some info and back to posting everyday. The bite remains strong and we are still seeing rather large haddock – 10.5 lb in the photo. The bite has been exceptional on marathon trips and we are having some very productive stops for experienced anglers on full…

May 22-23, 2024

5/22 – Full Day and 5/23 – Marathon 12 hours Action in the morning both days and a better bite in the afternoon on Wednesday. Momentum built throughout the day on Thursday getting better with every stop, which turned into a feeding frenzy in the afternoon. Loads of haddock and cusk got bagged. A few…


Monday/Tuesday 5/20-21 – Yankee Clipper Good bite both days, but a great bite all day Tuesday. Anglers are consistently seeing large haddock and some big pollock in the mix. Saturday 5/19 showed us some worse then forecasted weather which made for a slower then usual day.

Marathon Private Charter 5/18/24

Friday 5/18 – Yankee Clipper 12 hour private charter and the bite was hot all day, it slowed down a little for about an hour around 1100am. The group absolutely slammed them in the afternoon with lots of limits and a lot of large haddock.

Marathon 5/16/24

Thursday 5/16 – Yankee Clipper Morning bite was beyond steady, we have been consistently catching 5-7lb haddock in some areas. Customers get a flurry of cusk if we get close to rocks and the occasional large pollock.

Full day Fishing 5/14/24

Yankee Clipper – Tuesday 5/14 Consistent bite all day producing a lot of large haddock. Experienced anglers were close to their limits with 11-14 fish. Beginners found success too filling their bags with haddock and some cusk.

5/10-5/12/24 trips

Yankee Clipper 5/10-5/12 Friday was a little slower than usual, but we were accompanied by some whales on the fishing ground. Steady picking on haddock, some pollock, and throwback cod. Saturday produced a great afternoon bite with a fair amount of haddock. Sunday, experienced anglers finished the day with about half their bag limit. Strong tide and currents throughout the day.

5/9/24 Marathon

Thursday – 5/9 Yankee Clipper Marathon 5am-5pm the weather turned out to be far better than originally forecasted. Anglers had a consistent bite going in the morning and it really turned on in the afternoon before high tide.