First day of cod fishing

After being stuck at the dock for a few days due to the high winds. The Yankee Clipper headed out this morning. It was very cold and windy. That made for some tough fishing conditions. However Capt. Rob was able to put the boat on the cod and haddock. It wasn’t a banner day, but it was pretty steady. There were some pretty cold looking people getting off the boat. Bring the warm weather back !

Successful Sunday

The haddock were right where we left them Saturday afternoon. We stayed on the first stop most of the day. as soon as the baits hit the bottom the bite began. We caught a lot of small fish, but plenty of keepers as well. Cod season is almost here. Make sure to call for reservations. april 13 haddock 001 april 13 haddock 002 april 13 haddock 003 april 13 haddock 004 april 13 haddock 005 april 13 haddock 006 april 13 haddock 007 april 13 haddock 008 april 13 haddock 009 april 13 haddock 010 april 13 haddock 011 april 13 haddock 012

Fantastic day of haddock fishing

Capt. Rob was on the haddock today. it was one of those, almost one stop days. Our first stop didn’t produce much of anything. The second stop was great. Haddock were coming over the rail for 3 hours. Although not all keepers, the action was superb. Even I had 5 keepers. We are back at it at 7am tomorrow. You really should be here !!!april 12 haddock 001 april 12 haddock 002 april 12 haddock 003 april 12 haddock 004 april 12 haddock 005

Thursdays trip. (found some haddock)

After searching a few areas to the Southeast last week . Capt. Rob headed East after hearing reports of haddock. His report proved to be right. The first couple stops we picked a few small haddock and cod. The smaller haddock were pretty steady most of the day. We did get a few keepers out of there. Atleast we know where they are now. Great news for the weekend.april 11 haddock 2014 006 april 11 haddock 2014 007 april 11 haddock 2014 008

Thursday report

The Yankee Clipper headed out on thursday morning. Once again in search of the haddock. Capt. Rob did find them, but they were not interested in biting. We did however find the cod, that we can’t keep until April 16th. After 4 or 5 stops we ended the day on some red fish. Once again the cod were mixed in with them.

If you are interested in coming fishing please call to make a reservation. That helps us determine whether or not we have enough people to make a trip.

Opening day. Saturday

After having to postpone our first trip of the year due to the weather. We headed out in search of the haddock. Capt. Rob headed out to some known haddock spots. The first stop looked very promising. The bait hit the bottom and almost every rod bent. When the fish were cranked to the boat they were all cod. Too bad we couldn’t keep them.  Off to the next few spots, the fish were there but not interested in biting. It was getting later in the day so we moved off to a couple red fish spots. They were there as always. we put a bunch on the boat and headed back to the dock. Not the best day for sure. But Capt. Rob will catch up to those haddock eventually,

Are you ready to fish ?

Opening day is Friday March 28th. Less than a week away. Time to get off the couch and move to the rail. Give us a call to make reservations. Just for FYI Cod season opens on April 16. Our first trips will be targeting haddock, pollock, red fish, and cusk.

Any questions about any of our trips. Ask Bill at If I don’t have the right answer. I will make one up !!!


Opening Day

Friday Marh 28th will be our opening day. Sharpen your hooks and lube the reels. We have a lot of exciting new trips planned for the new season.