Tuesday report

Not the greatest day of fishing. There was a slow pick of fish coming aboard. The bite really never turned on as it has done the past week. Still some nice haddock and red fish were boated. Even a few nice cod.

Cashes trip 8/18

Fast running tides made it a difficult trip. It was very difficult to hold the bottom and feel a bite. They still managed to put a bunch of fish aboard. Mostly haddock, pollock, cod, and some cusk.

Deep water marathon 8/18

Caught some nice fish although everyone had to work hard to do so. A pretty steady bite until slack tide. Mostly haddock, big red fish, and pollock. The tide was screaming and it made it difficult to hold the bottom. Considering the conditions it was a good trip.

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Sunday report 8/17

Capt. Tom L. took the Yankee Clipper out for another very good day of fishing. They had a steady bite all day. Mostly haddock and cusk, with a few cod thrown into the mix. Once again the haddock were big ones.