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    Georges Bank trip 9/5-9/7

    Capt. Tom put this trip together with a lot of effort, money, and hard work. He and Capt. Rob, spent a lot of time researching the area. And getting the best intell. they could get from a lot of the local Commercial guys that fish the area. How ever the trip turned out to be a bust. There were no cod, haddock, or pollock to be found anywhere. The only thing we were able to put aboard were mackerel. We were very lucky to have 3 of the best mates around on board for this trip. Ryan, George, and Mike. Also some of our best and loyal customers. How’s the old saying go ? Ya never know unless you try. Thank you to all aboard. And thanks to Capt. Tom Orrell for giving it his all.

    Bill Campbell

    Saturday Report 9/6

    Yankee Fleet and Capt. Tom Lukegord reported a slow bite today.  Some big Pollock were caught along with a mix of cusk and redfish.  One of our regulars, John, fought a nice blue shark for about 20 minutes when the line eventually broke.  Capt. Tom is prepared to catch anything out there from Pollock, to tuna to even a blue shark.

    We have the reservations for Sunday, Sept. 7th’s trip and will sail at 7am.  Capt. Tom will be taking the boat again, not to the same area as today, and knows where he will head tomorrow.  He and crew are confident these Pollock will arrive and will head out tomorrow at 7am to find them.

    Reservations can be made online at www.yankeefleet.com or our office will open at 5:30am.  We are located at 121 East Main St. in Gloucester, MA.  Keep in mind that haddock will reopen as of November 1st and cod will reopen April 16th.  For more information call us at 855-546-3474.

    Our 2 Day George’s Bank Trip will arrive back sometime tomorrow keep your eyes on our fishing reports!


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    News & Specials

    Yankee Fleet’s Fall Season – 2014

    Yankee Fleet will continue to fish well into the fall as usual. We will be targeting Pollock, cusk, hake and red fish. Haddock season will reopen November 1st.


     Extended Excursions – Friday thru Sunday – 7am-5pm

     Super Thursdays – 5am-5pm

     Half Day Fishing – Saturdays – 8-12:30 & 1-5:30             

    **Reservations are strongly suggested!  To reserve you can either book online at www.yankeefleet.com or by calling us at 855-5GO-FISH (546-3474)

           Captain Rob has worked hard and done his do diligence in honing in on the Pollock. He reports he is confident in the success this fall.  His deep water trips also will continue with high expectations.

             Capt John has done an excellent job on the Offshore trips to Cashes. The decision to go to Cashes has been nice with almost exacting results for the different species. 

           The NEW really distant trip to Georges Bank is getting more and more exciting (check out overnight fishing on the website www.yankeefleet.com). These trips allow us to get out of the Gulf of Maine regulations, with a size of 22 inches and no bag limit. We continue to talk to fishermen that have been there, getting intel and suggestions. The anticipation, and expectations are high.   We are getting the boat ready and an added bonus of  having a commercial grade vacuum package machine available to help keep what you catch longer and fresher.

            Yankee Fleet believes strongly in the conservation of our fish and the waters they live. We also believe in the rights of individuals. It is unfortunate how the process of getting to a sustainable fisheries has been fooled by all the smokes and mirrors, and allowing it to come to this.   We will continue to do our part.
    Capt. Tom Orrell

    Schooner Festival Annual Parade of Sail Sunday 8/31/2014


    Yankee Fleet will be offering a viewing cruise aboard our 100′ Yankee Freedom on Sunday, August 31st.

    We will view these magnificent schooners as they make their way out of Gloucester Harbor to begin their race.  Viewing of the race will also take place.

    This trip is an amazing trip to be able to see these vessels up close!

    Tickets are available and can be reserved ahead of time by calling us at 855-546-3474.


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