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Sunday All Day Trip 5/9/2021

Fishing Reports

On mothers day the weather was glorious.  We had a good Haddock bite started in the morning.  A Porbeagle shark showed up about 55 minutes before the tide change and devoured a couple of the haddock that the anglers were reeling up.  Unfortunately it was apparent that the big shark spooked the haddock at that time and the bite slowed down.  For some readon many of the novice fishermen and fisherwomen did quite well all day and were quite thrilled.  As it turned out, some of the more experienced anglers did not catch as many keepers as they normally do, but there was quite a variation in success  rates.  One angler caught 17 keepers and gave 2 away while another had only 2 keepers.  There were a lot of sub legal fish and cod that kept the anglers busy reeling every stop.  So it was a busy day but could have been more productive for some.