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    COD trip 8/10-8/11

         Our first Cod trip outside the Gulf Of Maine (GOM) in 2017 was a huge success. We ended up with a very nice overall catch 65% Cod and 35% mix of Haddock and Pollock. This obviously is a win win, and set a nice precedent for more trips. We are now making the change to our last two overnight trips in August, the 24th and the 31st, and will fish outside the GOM (south of 42 degrees latitude), instead of going to Cashes or Fippennies.
         We will also be adding trips outside the GOM after the closures of haddock on September 17th. These dates will be posted on our website after the August 24th trip.
    We look forward to fishing with everyone and appreciate your patronage. Here are some customer photos from the August 10th trip.
    Thanks Capt Tom O.

    Overnight trip 7/27-7/28

    The Freedom is almost home from their overnight trip and Captain Matt absolutely killed it!! Two halibut within 20 minutes of each other (2nd went back).  Keeper halibut was caught by Carl Ashcraft measuring 63 inches and weighing in 104 lbs.  About 700 fish caught consisting of an even mix of Pollock and haddock.  Great job Matt and crew!

    *Stay tuned for big schedule changes and ADDED Overnight trips*

    Limited Capacity Tuesday trip June 13th

    Good day out on the Clipper yesterday with Rob.  Anglers caught an average of about 12 nice size fish each and they even got to see some WHALES!

    Limited Capacity trips go out every Tuesday with a guaranteed 40% fewer people on board!

    Sunday May 28th

    Great day on the Yankee Clipper.  Lots of sea life on Stellwagen bank this week.

    Saturday May 27th

    We are all glad the sun came out today along with some fish.  This weeks weather has been overcast however today the sun has been shining since sunrise. We love to see everyone’s smiling faces enjoying a beautiful day out on the water.

    Fun Fact: Eating more fish may help keep the blues at bay, new research
    reveals. In a study presented at this year’s American Psychiatric
    Association meeting, researchers found that people who eat at least one
    serving of fish per week have a lower risk for depression than those who
    are squeamish about seafood.

    Non Stop Bites! Thursday May 25th

    Once in a lifetime experience. The bite was non stop since the moment the lines were dropped,

    Wednesday 5/10

    The weather was nice and clear today making it an ideal day to be out fishing.  Today’s Private Charter picked a wonderful day to rent out the Yankee Clipper!  Bottom pictures are from the Freedom All Day boat which also had a successful day.


    First Marathon Thursday of the Season!

    Our first marathon was extremely successful. We had lots of action from start to finish, link Today our customers even reached our limits on the Yankee Clipper!


    We had lots of activity start to finish even reaching our limits on the Yankee Clipper!