• Fishing Reports

    Saturday report 5/16

    Great day of fishing today. Capt John reported that he had a great mix of fish. Along with everyone getting their quota of haddock, there were also some nice cusk, red fish and pollock. A few big wolfish caught. But They had to go back over the rail due to being a protected speices. Great to see such a mix of fish.

    Fishing 5/15

    Capt. George reported a good day of fishing. Everyone on the boat got their share of haddock. No word on any pollock, but there were some cusk caught. Just about everything is coming up on bait.

    Monday 5/11

    On a day that started out warmer at 5am than it was at 2pm, fishing was very good again. Everyone got their haddock. There were even some cusk and pollock brought aboard. Capt. George put the boat on the fish most of the day.

    Saturday 5/9

    Another good day of fishing aboard the Yankee Clipper. Although it was a little slower than the last few days. Fishing was still pretty good. Haddock and red fish were on the menu. Photos below.

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    Friday report 5/8

    Tough day of of fishing today.The wind kicked up making it diffcult get where we wanted to fish. They still put some fish on the boat. But not what we would have liked to see.

    Super Thursday 5/ 7/15

    Another very succesfull day aboard the Yankee Clipper. Great weather and great fishing make for a fantastic day. Everyone maxed out on mostly big haddock. There was also a good amount of cusk, pollock, and redfish brought aboard. Weather looks fantastic for the weekend. Take Mom fishing.Photos below.

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    Fishing report day 2. 5/3/2015

    Another very successful day Plenty of haddock to go around. Captain Rob made it into a 3 stop day. More pollock and cusk again today. They also caught plenty of the almost extinct cod. That had to be thrown back.

    second day 003 second day 004 second day 005 second day 006 second day 007 second day 008 second day 009

    Opening day 5/2/2015

    Great kick off to a new season. Captain Rob put the boat on the haddock today. Everyone had their fair share of fish, despite not being able to keep any cod. There were also some cusk and pollock thrown into the mix.

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