• Fishing Reports

    Georges Bank trip 9/5-9/7

    Capt. Tom put this trip together with a lot of effort, money, and hard work. He and Capt. Rob, spent a lot of time researching the area. And getting the best intell. they could get from a lot of the local Commercial guys that fish the area. How ever the trip turned out to be a bust. There were no cod, haddock, or pollock to be found anywhere. The only thing we were able to put aboard were mackerel. We were very lucky to have 3 of the best mates around on board for this trip. Ryan, George, and Mike. Also some of our best and loyal customers. How’s the old saying go ? Ya never know unless you try. Thank you to all aboard. And thanks to Capt. Tom Orrell for giving it his all.

    Bill Campbell

    Saturday Report 9/6

    Yankee Fleet and Capt. Tom Lukegord reported a slow bite today.  Some big Pollock were caught along with a mix of cusk and redfish.  One of our regulars, John, fought a nice blue shark for about 20 minutes when the line eventually broke.  Capt. Tom is prepared to catch anything out there from Pollock, to tuna to even a blue shark.

    We have the reservations for Sunday, Sept. 7th’s trip and will sail at 7am.  Capt. Tom will be taking the boat again, not to the same area as today, and knows where he will head tomorrow.  He and crew are confident these Pollock will arrive and will head out tomorrow at 7am to find them.

    Reservations can be made online at www.yankeefleet.com or our office will open at 5:30am.  We are located at 121 East Main St. in Gloucester, MA.  Keep in mind that haddock will reopen as of November 1st and cod will reopen April 16th.  For more information call us at 855-546-3474.

    Our 2 Day George’s Bank Trip will arrive back sometime tomorrow keep your eyes on our fishing reports!


    Sunday report 8/31

    The final day of keeping haddock and cod went out with a very good trip. More of those big haddock, cod, and cusk. Even a few nice pollock. We will be heading to Georges Bank on Friday 9/5 there is still room available. Call for details.

    COD & HADDOCK FISHING in September!!

    Yankee Fleet will be fishing for cod, haddock and all other bottom fish species in September.  Two Day George’s Bank trips will be sailing September 5-7, 12-14, and 19-21.  We will depart at 5pm on Fridays and return anywhere from 5am-5pm on Sundays.  This allows us to extend the trip if necessary.

    Although the Gulf of Maine is closed to cod and haddock as of September 1st. Yankee Fleet and M/V Yankee Freedom are Coast Guard approved to run the 140 miles to George’s Bank.  We are very excited to run this trip.

    For more information don’t hesitate to call us at 855-5GO-FISH (546-3474).