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    Thursday report 7/31

    Capt. Rob reported a pretty good day of fishing. They picked away at the fish for the first half of the trip. There were a few dogfish around but they weren’t bad. The second half of the day the bite was better. Mostly extra large and large haddock. Photos from Thursday below.

    7 31 marathon 003 7 31 marathon 004 7 31 marathon 005 7 31 marathon 006 7 31 marathon 007

    Wednesday trip 7/30

    The day started off on the slow side. There was a slow pick all morning. The afternoon proved to be much better with just keeper size haddock coming over the rail. The last 2 hours they put some big haddock aboard. Turned out to be a good day.

    7 30 all day 004 7 30 all day 003

    Even Chef Burke got into the action.

    Even Chef Burke got into the action.

    7 30 all day 002

    Tuesday report 7/29

    Capt. Pete reported a tough day of fishing. Although they put some nice haddock and some cod aboard, They just couldn’t seem to out run the dogfish. Each stop started out by getting some fish on the boat and the dogfish would catch up to them. I guess we know where not to go now.

    Cashes trip 7/28

    Another very successful trip to Cashes returned Monday night. The day started out on the rough side but calmed down as the day progressed. The first couple stops produced a bunch of cusk. Then the haddock, pollock, and cod bite started. There were some nice bags of fish coming off the boat after the trip.

    Weekend reoprt 7/26 7/27

    Fishing was complete oppisite Saturday to Sunday. Saturday the fishing was pretty slow. Some cusk and a few nice haddock. Sunday on the other hand was a very good day of fishing. A lot of big haddock, some nice cod and even some nice pollock. What a difference a day makes. I had a little trouble uploading a few photos from the last couple days. But I got them. Including the 24.5 lb cusk that the young Lady caught.

    002 003 004 005

    Friday report 7/25

    A good day of fishing was reported by Capt. John. They had some nice haddock and cod. One young Lady was lucky enough to land a 23lb cusk. The fish was brought to shore and measured up to be entered into the Governors cup Fish tournament.

    Thursday report 7/24

    Capt. Rob reports that they had a good day. It was rough out there to start the day. Once again it was mostly haddock, caught on bait. And big ones at that. The last couple hours the Anglers with Jigs did very well putting some cod aboard.and even some nice pollock.